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An epic space adventure for your Android and Windows Phone devices!
Slice everything you'll meet on your way, defeat mighty bosses in lengthy story mode! Meet space sailors, visit sentient TV world and show them who's da boss!
Not enough for you? Compete with your friends in Endless Run mode. Each run will be unique: space is not the best place seek stability.

   — Two lovely charachters that actively engage in dialogues on the run
   — Beautifully drawn space and enemies in lovely pixel style
   — 90-s style chiptune written to please your ears (duh, we even use .it files!)
   — A lengthy story mode to entertain and accustomize you with reality of Outer Space
   — Endless Run mode that is free of in-app purchases. Pure skill, nothing else
   — A lot of random generation: space will never be the same for you

So, are you in? Then try the demo right now and prepare yourself for release in JAN 2015!
Try it now!
Just wait a bit to know what we're planning to do next!